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Greenland, the world's largest island extends way into the Arctic Circle, spanning the equivalent distance of Scotland to the Sahara! The coastline is mountainous, in some places deeply indented by fjords and its huge icecap covers around 2 million square km - in places 3km thick. An island of great proportions, Greenland is dominated by the world’s second largest icecap, with only a narrow coastal fringe of rugged mountains and intensely green valleys which remains ice-free, allowing a resilient and determined community to live at the edge of the habitable world. 

Greenland Holidays

Discover this fascinating country on one of our Greenland holidays - explore the largely untouched and rugged coastline on a voyage, hike through valleys of Arctic flora with wide open vistas on a walking holiday, travel through the frozen wilderness on a husky sledge journey or get a taste of this magnificent island on a short break holiday.

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About Greenland

Greenlanders number around 57,500 and are a mix of native Inuit (Eskimo) and Europeans, principally of Danish descent. 90% live in scattered settlements along the west coast, while the east is virtually uninhabited outside of the Ammassalik area. This remote Arctic island is very much part of the developing world, with a rural charm and often relaxed approach to everyday life. 

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Arctic summer
The fleeting Arctic summer brings 24 hours of daylight and, north of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun. The brief respite from winter is a period of intense activity - the pack ice breaks up and giant icebergs drift through the fjords; migratory birds arrive to breed and hardy Arctic flora bloom and scatter seed before the first snowfalls herald the onset of another winter. The sea freezes over and giant icebergs are locked in place.

Unspoilt wilderness
Traditionally a small-scale hunting and fishing society, East Greenland in particular still retains its old-world charm, barely touched by western influences. The world’s largest island remains one of the last unspoilt wilderness areas - it is often more accessible than people think although adverse weather conditions can occasionally affect travel plans. A visit to the island, with its crystal clear air, magnificent glacial scenery and a fascinating culture both past and present, is easily combined with a holiday in Iceland, and our team will be more than happy to discuss the options with you. 

Travelling to Greenland
Flights to East Greenland operate via Iceland. The gateway to West Greenland is via Iceland or alternatively via Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq, from where scheduled Air Greenland helicopter flights continue on to Ilulissat and other major settlements. Find out more »

Specialist tip
Air travel usually makes up a large proportion of the cost of a trip to Greenland; therefore we recommend talking to our team about your budget and the ideal length of your holiday; value for money makes sense!

Anyone who is contemplating a visit to Greenland should be aware that it is a land ruled by the weather. Travel delays are not usually serious, but occasionally can last for several days. Any additional costs will be incurred by the traveller. Our office and local agents will work together to do everything possible to assist you in the event of any disruption to your itinerary.

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About Greenland


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A really special adventure, the expedition staff were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful. And I did the kayaking - a real highlight!

Julia Williams, Greenland Voyage
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