Wildlife Holidays

Wildlife and nature play a part in so many of our holidays from the wildlife rich Polar Regions to the iconic marsupials of Australia, the rugged natural beauty of Iceland and New Zealand where the natural scenery is complemented by wonderful bird watching and whale watching opportunities. In Churchill, Canada, polar bear watching is second to none making this a truly epic wildlife encounter.


Wildlife and Nature Holidays

  • Alaska Wildlife & Nature


    Close encounters with Alaska's wildlife is likely to feature on most holidays to this remote state, whether you travel by car, rail, coach or boat. From the Inside Passage to Denali National Park, wild and remote Nome to the Kenai Peninsula, look out for whales, moose, bald eagles and more. To maximise your chances of viewing the star attraction, Alaska bears, we recommend visiting the grizzly hotspots of Katmai National Park or Kodiak Island as featured in our collection of Alaska wildlife holidays.
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  • Antarctica Wildlife & Nature


    Experience some truly rewarding wildlife encounters on a visit to the great white continent. During the austral summer, Antarctica and the surrounding islands play host to some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth. Millions of pairs of penguins, albatrosses and other sea birds breed in the region; seals are regularly observed hauled out on ice floes; and whales and other marine mammals come to feed in nutrient-rich oceans.
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  • Arctic Wildlife & Nature


    There is something truly special about witnessing animals in their natural environment and a single wildlife encounter can be the absolute stand out moment of any holiday especially when exploring the untouched environments of the high Arctic. Here you can expect some amazing wildlife sightings including seals, walrus, Arctic fox, musk ox, huge numbers of bird life and the magnificent polar bear.
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  • Australia Wildlife and Nature


    Australia is home to a truly eclectic range of native wildlife, from the bizarre and scary to the impossibly cute and cuddly. Where else can you swim with whale sharks, spot dugongs, come face to face with kangaroos and koalas and dive with a huge array of marine life on the world's largest living organism - the Great Barrier Reef. Choose a 2-week guided holiday or add a short break onto your tailor made holiday.
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  • Canada Wildlife & Nature


    This country is famed for its wildlife encounters and our collection of wildlife holidays in Canada offers some incredible experiences. Holidays include polar bear watching in Churchill, whale-watching in the remote eastern province of Newfoundland and Labrador and an eco-adventure in search of orcas and grizzlies off Vancouver Island.
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  • Falklands Wildlife & Nature

    Falkland Islands

    The Falkland Islands boast wildlife in abundance, and the sheer numbers of penguins, seals and pelagic birds is quite staggering. Colonies of rock hopper, macaroni, magellanic and gentoo penguins can all be encountered as well as king penguins, elephant seals, sea lions and albatross. Our island-hopping itineraries offer terrific opportunities for wildlife encounters with all your accommodation and transport taken care of.
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  • Finland Wildlife and Nature


    The majestic brown bear is the main star of our wildlife holidays in Finland, with the supporting roles taken by a stellar cast including wolverine, wild deer, the rare and magnificent lynx. This collection of an animals is notoriously elusive, but in the wilds of Eastern Finland, opportunities for observing and photographing these incredible animals.
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  • Iceland Wildlife & Nature


    Wildlife and nature form an integral part of the many of holidays to Iceland, where rugged natural beauty is complemented by wonderful bird watching and whale watching opportunities. We offer a selection of itineraries with a specific focus on wildlife encounters including the chance to combine orca watching with searching for the northern lights, or we can tailor make a holiday entirely around your interests.
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  • New Zealand Wildlife and Nature

    New Zealand

    It is almost impossible to travel around New Zealand and not be impressed by its natural beauty. From the sub-tropical north to the sub-Antarctic south, these islands are blessed with amazing landscapes, highly unusual plants and trees and a wealth of birds and marine mammals, some of which are found nowhere else on earth. Whale watching in New Zealand is particularly rewarding.
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