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Breathtaking waterfalls, glacier formed fjords, impressive mountains, crystal clear lakes, lush green valleys and cobalt blue skies make Norway an incredibly photogenic country and a superb candidate for an educational visit focusing on geography and geology.

There are fewer places on Earth that can offer as many life changing, inspirational and educational experiences as Costa Rica.


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Why Choose Discover the World for your Norway trip?

Our itineraries include the following Geography topics: Sustainability (including Aquaculture); Glacier Studies; Climate Change; Fluvial Systems; Energy and Resource Management; Tourism Exciting and challenging activities that actively involve your group with the environment. You will also liaise directly with a dedicated travel specialist who has first hand experience of the region.

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About Norway

From its raw and rugged coastline which stretches beyond the Arctic Circle, to its expansive countryside of fells, rolling hills, valleys and fertile farmlands, Norway delivers on every level.

The Hordaland region with its numerous islands and fjords is a treasure trove of human achievement, biodiversity and Sustainability. Around 20,000 years ago the land was barren ice tundra and as the climate changed flora and fauna began to thrive. Polar explorers Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen prepared for their expeditions on the Hardangervidda plateau, Europe’s largest eroded plain.

The 120 km long Hardangerfjord is known as the ‘fertile fjord’ thanks to the many apple and cherry orchards which line its hillsides. Whether visiting in the verdant summertime or cooler winter months, our suggested itinerary combines adventure activities with geographical wonders delivering a full, hands-on tour experience.

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