Coldfoot Camp

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Experience the remote and rugged wilderness of Alaska’s far north at Coldfoot Camp, high above the Arctic Circle, 260 miles north of Fairbanks.

Originally a gold-mining settlement founded in 1898, the camp was reinvented as a service stop and workers’ accommodation during the building of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline in the 1970s. Coldfoot today offers basic accommodation and hearty meals to travellers and truckers alike, with the camp café being a popular stop for the intrepid truck drivers on the long journey to Deadhorse, 240 miles further north along the legendary Dalton Highway.

Tourist accommodation at the camp is housed in the former Trans-Alaska Pipeline construction crew living quarters, in two large portacabin-style buildings, each containing 50 guestrooms. All rooms feature two single beds and a very small, private bathroom with hot running water. Please note that the accommodation at Coldfoot is very basic and functional, but also clean and comfortable, providing a warm dry base from which to explore the Arctic wilderness beyond.   

Buffet style meals are provided in the main service building, which contains the café, a bar, snack shop and small gift shop.

Activities from Coldfoot include visits to the nearby settlement of Wiseman (population 12), dog-sledding and Arctic Safari excursions, journeying by minibus along the Dalton Highway to take in the breathtaking mountain scenery of the Brooks Ranges and wildlife such as moose and caribou. The biggest draw to Coldfoot is undoubtedly its excellent position beneath the Auroral Oval, combined with the frequent clear skies of the Arctic desert, making this an excellent area for spectacular northern lights viewing.