S/V Australis

Expedition Image

Type: Sailing ship

Grade: Standard


The S/V Australis is a 75-foot, ice strengthened, steel hulled, fully rigged motor sailor registered as a commercial vessel. She carries a comprehensive range of safety, operational and navigational equipment and is equipped with 2 zodiac rib boats. She sails beautifully and has a powerful engine to push her along at 8+ knots when required.

The vessel is unique among Antarctic expedition crafts, holding a maximum of just 7 passengers plus crew. It offers all on board the opportunity to get involved in the day to day sailing tasks and forge a true connection with the surroundings, the wildlife and importantly, the boat itself.

Ship Accommodation - Maximum Capacity 7 Passengers

Triple Cabins - used for twin occupancy (3) one lower double berth, with a single berth above for storage

Twin Cabins - (1) one lower single berth, one upper single berth

All triple cabins have a private sink, but use shared toilet and shower facilities. Twin cabins also share the toilet and shower facilities, but do not have a private sink.

Our view
This is a serious expeditionary sailing boat used in Polar waters. Those on board must be fully mobile, with substantial physical stamina to endure changing weather conditions, rough seas, cold temeperatures, getting into and out of unsteady Zodiacs and living in close quarters with other passengers. On board facilities are tight, but comfortable. The vessell offers a hugely rewarding adventure for those who are well suited to, and well prepared for, the unique style of travel experienced.