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What better way to begin or end your holiday than to spend a few nights in one of the great cities many of our voyages connect through.



Spitsbergen’s capital Longyearbyen is home to around 1800 inhabitants and is a modern city with an idyllic setting between two glacier tongues, near the head of Advent Fjord. Boasting good quality visitor facilities, this is a perfect place from which to explore. There is a ‘frontiers’ feel about the settlement, with most heated structures built above rather than on the permafrost to prevent it melting. Hot water pipes run above ground too and everywhere are reminders of the cities humble beginnings as a mining town – Arctic Coal was set up in 1906 by American John Munroe Longyear.

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With a choice of accommodation and a range of excursions on offer, there is a lot more to this remote town than first meets the eye. For lovers of nature and the great outdoors, hiking and trekking are popular, take a glacier walk, savour an Arctic barbeque, go kayaking, exploring by boat on the look out for polar bears, even try diving. It is also possible to visit an operational mine – so it’s not ‘outdoors’ but fascinating none the less! There are also a small number of bars and restaurants in addition to those provided in the hotels. Places to visit include the fascinating museum and gallery where much may be learnt about Svalbard’s rich history.



The oldest of the Scandinavian cities, Norway’s capital is modern with a traditional charm. Appealing architecture, spacious streets and squares and numerous eateries give Oslo a very pleasant atmosphere.

Sitting at the end of a 100km long fjord, Oslo is known as the outdoor capital of Europe surrounded as it is by enormous uninhabited forests. During the summer months good hiking areas are only minutes away from the city centre. Oslo offers great shopping, lively nightlife, quality dining and most notably a collection of world-class museums.



Why not extend your holiday by adding on a few days in Iceland after the voyage? Whether you choose to explore Iceland’s fascinating north or spend time in the vibrant capital Reykjavik; we can prepare the perfect add-on. discover more about Iceland »



Situated on Montreal Island and divided by the St Lawrence River, Canada’s second largest city is a chic blend of the old and new. Fine wining and dining are very much a part of the city’s culture as is reflected in the vast array of eateries and restaurants that can be found throughout, especially in the Latin Quarter and Old Montreal. The central city is a manageable size with meandering streets interspersed with pedestrian squares and a metro system that makes getting around easy.

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A city of two halves, Montreal offers a truly unique shopping experience. Major department stores line Sainte-Catherine Street, which traverses almost the entire city from east to west, while below the surface lies Montreal’s Underground City – a vast pedestrian network comprising boutiques, major hotels, restaurants, and attractions along 20 miles of brightly lit, scrupulously clean passageways, ideal for keeping out the winter cold.



Lying along the northern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is a sprawling city with a population of 4.2 million, making it the largest in Canada. Comprising 80 different cultures, it is the world’s most ethnically diverse city and boasts and imminently appealing atmosphere. Most of the city’s attractions are clustered around the centre amidst the striking architecture and glitzy skyscrapers. The most obvious landmark is the CN Tower, the world’s tallest free standing building at 553 metres. There are several viewing levels and a visit to at least one of these is virtually compulsory and offers stunning views across the city and beyond.

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With a thriving theatre scene, fabulous shopping, excellent dining, and interesting museums, this is a city to hold the attention. The excellent public transport system makes travelling around the attractions very easy and is particularly handy for short visits. Beyond the city, Niagara Falls is an understandable attraction for many visitors to Toronto. Accessible on a day trip so possible even for those with limited time, the sheer power of this natural wonder cannot fail to impress even seasoned travellers.


The trip was extraordinary - and oddly seems to become more so each time I talk to someone about it.
Joanne Stone
North Pole Voyage

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