Responsible Tourism in the Arctic

Responsible tourism is about finding a balance between minimising our impact on the environment, both physical and social, yet not losing the ability to open minds and educate through new experiences.

The Polar Regions have long inspired fascination and awe, from the intrepid early explorers to modern day travellers who wish to discover the ruggedly beautiful landscapes at the ends of the earth. Rather than having a negative impact on the environment, we believe that when operated responsibly, tourism to the Polar Regions can help to raise awareness of the issues facing our planet. Visitors come away with an enhanced sense of the value of the natural world and become more aware in everyday life of ways to help preserve this legacy.

Discover the World is committed to working with leading travel partners in the conservation of the delicate Polar Regions. We only work with AECO and IAATO accredited voyage operators.


AECO is the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators, an international association dedicated to managing responsible, environmentally friendly and safe tourism in the Arctic and striving to set the highest possible operating standards. AECO's key objective is to initiate and support measures that are designed to ensure that cruise tourism in the Arctic is carried out with the utmost consideration for the natural environment, local cultures, cultural remains, as well as the challenging safety hazards at sea and on land. For further information please see


Discover the World is also proud to recommend the following polar charities:

Scott Polar Research Institute

Part of the University of Cambridge, SPRI was formed in 1920 as a memorial to Captain Scott and his colleagues and is now a well-known centre for polar research investigating environmental and social issues relating to the Arctic and Antarctic. The Friends of SPRI offer practical and financial support to the Institute. For further information or to find out how to become a Friend of SPRI please see

Antarctic Heritage Trust

Preserving the heritage of human endeavour in the Antarctic is the purpose of this coalition between trusts in the UK and New Zealand. The principle aim of the UKAHT is to conserve Britain's history of exploration and scientific research in Antarctica and support the New Zealand trust in conservation of the historic huts in the Ross Sea region, including those used by Scott and Shackleton. The Trust also operates the historic base, post office and gift shop at Port Lockroy. For further information please see
The trip was extraordinary - and oddly seems to become more so each time I talk to someone about it.
Joanne Stone
North Pole Voyage

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