Bones Bay Lodge

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Type: Unique

Grade: Standard


Bones Bay Lodge is a small, intimate lodge catering to a maximum of 8 guests. Each of the four guest rooms are modern and comfortable with private bathrooms. The lodge is located in Clio Channel, near Minstrel Island, Knight Inlet, a truly remarkable location for wildlife viewing opportunities.

Bones Bay Lodge is home to British Columbia's West Coast marine and native wildlife. Nothing quite compares to the awe and wonder of watching ocean giants such as Humpback, Orcas, Pacific Gray and Minke whales ply the waves, feeding and frolicking in crystal sea waters.

Your visit to the lodge will also include viewing and photographing Porpoises, White-sided Dolphins, Seals, Sea Lions, Bald Eagles and Pacific Great Blue Herons as you discover this breathtaking and diverse environment.

The Grizzly population around Knight Inlet crawl from their sleepy hibernation in early spring to feed on new plant growth. In late summer and fall, when the salmon are running, the Grizzlies can be found on the spawning streams where they gorge on the salmon, in preparation for their winter hibernation.

Experience this incredible environment on daily fully guided wildlife tours, observing and photographing Grizzly Bear and Black Bear feeding and exploring in this pristine territory. 


  • Small and intimate, with only 4 guestrooms
  • All have private bathrooms
  • Spectacular scenery and wildlife viewing
  • Communal lounging area with gaming table
  • Modern dining room with "at home" atmosphere
  • Meals prepared by a culinary chef
  • Large decks with outdoor seating

Holidays at Bones Bay Lodge

Holidays at Bones Bay Lodge depart from Vancouver or Campbell Bay, depending on your preferred itinerary and route. Holidays include 3 nights accommodation at Bones Bay Lodge, round trip airfare from Vancouver/ Campbell River to Bones Bay Lodge, a welcome orientation for wildlife viewing, interpretive guide on all excursions, 6-8 hours of fully guided wildlife tours daily from reliable 19' - 22' boats, all meals and complimentary snacks, complimentary wine with dinner, all non-alcoholic beverages and all-weather gear.

Please contact our specialist team to find out more.