Iceland Christmas & New Year Holidays

Christmas and New Year are one of the most magical times of year to experience Iceland. From beautifully-lit decorations to festive feasts, Icelanders take their Christmas celebrations seriously, with familiar traditions like carol singing and more unusual Icelandic traditions, such as the mischievous Yuletide Lads. Wonderful Christmas lights are everywhere – in the streets, adorning windows, on balconies and covering gardens.

In Reykjavik a magical atmosphere envelopes the city and everywhere glows with warmth. The city plays host to numerous concerts and choirs and there seems to be something musical happening on every street corner.

And Reykjavik’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are legendary with festivities culminating in a series of spectacular fireworks displays, a riot of colour and sounds exploding over the city, so you can start the year with a bang… literally! 

It is a truly awe-inspiring country...Thank you for your part in our memorable holiday Anne Joyner, Reyjavik City Break

Combine a festive stay in Reykjavik with a rural escape where you can experience traditional Icelandic hospitality and meals, cosy accommodation and beautiful scenery. Explore the famed Golden Circle under its blanket of snow; try your hand at snowmobiling across the snowy landscape; head out on a boat trip for thrilling whale watching encounters; or relax in a naturally-heated outdoor hot tub.

And in the remote countryside, the dark winter nights offer the chance to witness displays of the celestial northern lights if conditions are right – the icing on the cake for a truly unforgettable festive break.

iceland thingvellir northern lights

To celebrate Christmas or New Year with a difference and return home with a wealth of special memories let us tailor make a holiday just for you.

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Iceland Reykjavik Christmas Tree and Lights
It really was one of our best holidays ever. The best part was the Super Jeep tour, which had exactly the right car seats for the children.
Mr Warner
Reykjavik City Break

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