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Iceland's spectacular landscapes have long encouraged artistic creation - from the 12th century Sagas that influenced the works of Tolkien to Jules Verne's classic novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth inspired by the mystical scenery of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Yet despite the enduring longevity of such literary works it is in film that Iceland's magic can really be witnessed.

From Interstellar to NoahStardust to Batman Begins, this island's dramatic landscapes make regular appearances on the big screen often portraying spectacular otherworld environments that capture the imagination.

Iceland's status as a premier filming location is also very evident on the small screen, providing the setting for key locations in the hugely successful television serialisation of the Game of Thrones novels as well as Fortitude, the brooding Arctic thriller from Sky Atlantic.


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At 103,000 square feet in size, Iceland is one of the most diverse filming locations in the world - an assertion supported by the fact that it rarely portrays itself. Offering a profusion of natural wonders including sweeping gorges, glacial lagoons, volcanic deserts, lava caves and tumbling waterfalls that are both easily accessible and away from crowds, it is not hard to understand why it is such a popular choice for top film makers including Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan and Ben Stiller.

Iceland's list of film credits is rapidly expanding including several recent Hollywood blockbusters. Following on from Prometheus in 2012 and Thor 2 and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in 2013, Iceland hit the big screen again in 2014 portraying a distant planet in the sci-fi epic Interstellar as well as ancient earth in the biblical epic, Noah. The black sand beaches and dramatic highlands were chosen to depict the pre-flood world, while lush, waterfall-filled valleys were chosen to represent post-flood Eden.

In The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, a scene was shot in the pretty village of Hofn in the south-east, a popular gateway to attractions including Skaftafell National Park, Vatnajokull and Jokulsarlon. The latter is a serene glacial lake famous for its spectacular floating icebergs and was already an established filming location having featured in two James Bond movies as well as Batman Begins and Lara Croft's Tomb Raider.

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You can see many of these locations for yourself on our self drive itineraries, or we can tailor make a holiday to satisfy even the most staunch movie fan's location fantasies!

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