Iceland Independent Touring Holidays

These itineraries offer the perfect choice for those who wish to explore independently but don't necessarily want a self drive holiday. With the benefit of pre-booked accommodation and transport, we've taken care of the logistics so you can simply enjoy the sights of Iceland at leisure without worrying about the how’s and when’s of the holiday’s details.

A portion of an independent holiday might be guided, but you might have to make your own way to the destination. Others might include a self drive section combined with other transport such as ferry, flight or local bus. It may be a single base holiday or multi-centred staying in two or more locations, with accommodation ranging from cosy self-catering cottages and rural guesthouses to boutique hotels and luxury lodges.

Whilst the natural experience in Iceland’s playground of waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes and geothermal oddities is free, we also offer a selection of day trips and excursions, which can greatly enhance an independent holiday and turn it into something special. It’s advisable to pre-book excursions where possible, to give you greater peace of mind that every part of your holiday is taken care of. Then it’s just time for you to relax and experience the 'Land of Fire & Ice' at your leisure.

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Iceland South East Skaftafell Svartifoss
We had an excellent time. My wife only had one complaint, we didn’t have long enough!
Graham Whiting
Tailor made

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