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The remote South Atlantic island of St Helena offers great appeal to those looking to travel far off the beaten track. This ruggedly beautiful volcanic island is a British Overseas Territory, boasting a fascinating history, spectacular scenery and a wealth of marine wildlife.

One of the world's most remote inhabited islands, St Helena lies in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, 1200 miles from Africa and 1800 miles from South America. The island is just 10.5 miles long and 6.5 miles wide. Currently, the only way to reach St Helena is by sea on the RMS St Helena, one of the last working Royal Mail ships in the world. With St Helena's first airport due to open in 2017, this remote island will become more accessible than ever before and travel times will be considerably reduced.

Getting there - the RMS St Helena has introduced a limited number of new departures; please contact us to arrange your journey by sea or to register your interest for a fly-in holiday – airfares and schedules coming soon!

Why choose Discover the World for your St Helena holiday?

With over 34 years’ experience organising tailor made holidays, our Travel Specialists are on hand to assist you in planning your bespoke itinerary, exploring the many highlights that St Helena has to offer. Whether your interest is in learning about the island’s history, sampling local produce or spending time in search of wildlife - or a combination of all of these - we can help ensure you don’t miss a thing during your visit.

Est. 1983

About St Helena

This sub-tropical paradise may be tiny but it is surprisingly diverse, featuring a wealth of endemic wildlife found nowhere else on earth – including the rare wire bird, 10 species of fish, 45 plant species and a staggering 400 unique invertebrates. Well preserved coral ecosystems attract a variety of marine life, dolphins can be found in abundance (pan-tropical spotted, bottlenose and rough-toothed) and humpback whales can also occasionally be sighted in the waters around St Helena.

First discovered in 1502 by the Portuguese, St Helena has had a colourful history, passing through Dutch hands before becoming a British territory. Over the centuries the island has been home to planters, prisoners, soldiers and slaves, predominantly from Europe and Asia, resulting in a multicultural society today of under 4000 residents. Perhaps the island's most famous resident was Napoleon, who was exiled here in 1815, dying on St Helena 6 years later.

An extinct volcano, St Helena's dramatic landscapes are sculpted with peaks and valleys, huge rock formations and ancient lava flows. The highest point on the island is Diana's Peak, 823 metres above sea level and a rewarding climb, offering spectacular views in all directions. The island's higher central regions are covered in lush vegetation, whilst the coastal areas feature barren rocks and colourful sand dunes.

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St Helena

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18 nights | Year round
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St Helena

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