Transfer by Husky Sledge (Icehotel)

Expedition Image

Price From £610 per sledge

Duration 1h 15m

Departs Nov - Apr


In the winter-touched reaches of Swedish Lapland, a journey by husky sled really is the best way to travel.

Pulled by a team of eager canine companions, this is a magnificent introduction for guests arriving at the Icehotel.

After disembarking at Kiruna Airport, meet your guide and more importantly, the huskies. Begin your adventure and settle into the back of a husky-drawn sled for the hour-long journey.

Your first glimpse of the majestic Icehotel will come as you emerge from a pristine, snow-covered forest, where the only sound to break the stillness will be the occasional 'yip' or 'bark' of your husky team.

A highly recommended excursion for those who are visiting the Icehotel for their first time, this is the best way to arrive in style. It is also possible to travel by husky sled back to airport, maximum 3 people per sled on the return journey. 

Duration: around 1 hr 15 mins
Price: From £610 per sledge (max 4 people per sledge) for single journey
Departures: On arrival at Kiruna Airport (Winter 2018-19)