Vaderoarnas Vardhus, Weather Islands

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Type: Hotel

Grade: Standard


Lying 10 nautical miles from the mainland, Sweden's Weather Islands form one of the most exotic island landscapes in the country.

Vaderoarnas Vardhus is found on the main island, a wonderful retreat were guests can enjoy fresh seafood dinners, beautiful landscapes and incredible seaside walks.

The hotel's restaurant is one of a network of first-class eateries that features delicacies from the sea. Seeking to maintain a constantly fresh and intriguing menu, the plates on offer change as the season does, ensuring that the flavours on your plate will match the time of year that you choose to visit.

A sauna and hot tub on site allows guests to relax in this incredible wilderness as well. Staff can arrange local activities, such as diving, boat trips and canoe rentals. The accommodation itself is comfortable and, although the rooms do not have private facilities, toilets and showers are close by and kept very clean.

Hotel Features

  • Restaurant & bar
  • Sauna & hot tub
  • Parking at an additional charge
  • Free wifi