The People's Republic of China is the world's most populous country with over 1.3 billion people, and the third largest covering 9.6 million square kilometres. It is a diverse and fascinating country with a treasure trove of cultural and historical delights.

Visiting China can be a life changing experience. The wealth of world famous sites benefits students across all study topics and offers an 'awe and wonder' experience.

Why Choose DTW For Your China Trip?

You'll have direct liaison with a dedicated travel specialist who has first hand experience of what the region can offer school groups including cross curricular opportunities. Our itineraries include the following Geography topics: World Cities; Tourism; Rural/Urban Contrasts; Urban Development; Globalization; Industrial Development; Technology; Conflicts and Challenges; Unequal Spaces

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China is a place where old and new truly meet. There are enthralling places of astonishing beauty and those of historical significance. It is easy to be impressed by such icons as The Great Wall and the Forbidden City. However, the greatest experience your group will gain on a school trip is engaging with the people. Not only do they bring to life China’s rich heritage and tradition, but they have embraced the modern world and are the key to China’s emergence as an industrial, technical, financial and cultural superpower.

Vibrant and colourful Beijing, China's capital and largest city, is modern and aspiring; it affords plenty of opportunities to talk about population, migration, urban environments and resources with your students. Xi'an, one of the oldest cities in China, is full of history, archaeology, and from here it is possible to visit the famous Shanxi museum and Terracotta Army.

Shanghai, China's financial heartbeat, also offers a perfect blend of cultures - the modern and the traditional, the western and the oriental, new skyscrapers and old Shikumen lanes jostling for space on the skyline.


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