Costa Rica

Stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife make Costa Rica a paradise for geographers and scientists alike. As one of the most bio-diverse areas in the world, it is home to a tremendous variety of habitats including volcanoes, mangroves and rainforests.

There are fewer places on Earth that can offer as many life changing, inspirational and educational experiences as Costa Rica.

Why Choose DTW for your Costa Rica trip?

You'll have direct liaison with a dedicated travel specialist as well as benefit from our first hand knowledge. Our itineraries offer hands-on field studies and conservation opportunities to fit in with your studies and cover the following Geography and Science topics: Ecosystems; Tectonic Processes; Volcanoes; Biology and River Studies.

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Costa Rica is a treasure trove of scientific wonders. As one of the world’s foremost nations for the development of eco tourism, it offers students an unrivalled opportunity to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience.

Lodged between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is home to diverse landscapes and some of the world's most charismatic species. Its friendly people live amongst rainforest, alongside some truly beautiful beaches, and at the foot of volcanoes. And to top it all off, your students can enjoy hands-on conservation work, helping save such endangered species as the leatherback turtle!

A study trip to this safe and welcoming Central American country provides an educationally-rich learning experience, with pupils and teachers brought closer to the environment than ever imaginable. Whether rafting down a river; being high amongst the rainforest tree canopy; hiking up a volcano; riding horseback, assisting with wildlife conservation or simply relaxing on a stunning beach, engaging with the environment in so many special ways will remain in the minds of all participants.

These activities are just a few of the available opportunities for experiential learning - we have detailed information packs with suggested tour itineraries that blend high adventure, science and geography.

Our team of Travel Specialists have extensive first-hand knowledge of our destinations and are passionate about travel.

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Experience first hand one of Mother Nature's most primal forces. Since 1968 the Arenal Volcano has erupted on a regular basis (daily, up until end of 2010). You may wish to take the gentle 2½ hour volcano hike through a well protected secondary forest. The hike begins on the recently active side of the volcano then it takes you through primary forest over recent lava flows, to a previously destroyed area, now in the process of regeneration. This hike is included in all our itineraries taking in this area, and an optional soak in geothermal hot springs is an added bonus!

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