New York

New York is one of the most enthralling and photographed cities in the world. With a dynamic urban landscape, a cosmopolitan society and an abundance of world famous sights and attractions, it offers a wealth of experiences for students.

Our study trips to New York are combined with a visit to Iceland to enable students to compare and contrast two quite different destinations.

Why Choose DTW for your New York trip?

Through direct liaison with a dedicated travel specialist we can tailor make tours to include whichever places of interest suit your group. With cross-curricular opportunities that include history and politics, it is also idea for the following Geography topics: World Cities; Tourism; Rural/Urban Contrasts; Urban Development; Globalization; Industrial Development; Technology; Unequal Spaces.

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New York is the most photographed city in the world and has provided the backdrop for more films than even the most avid film buff can possibly name. Famously, it is ‘the city that never sleeps’ and as a complete contrast to the sparsely populated, wide open spaces of Iceland, few places could be more appropriate.

New York City, in the state of the same name, is made up of five boroughs; the island of Manhattan being the best known and home to many of the city’s most famous landmarks. With a hugely recognisable skyline this small island, 13.5 miles long by 2.25 miles wide, is the main focus for most visitors to the city and is the basis for our trips.

Structured around a grid system, avenues run south to north and streets east to west with the 843 acre Central Park at its heart. The entire city is serviced by an efficient and very reasonably priced subway system and scores of buses (not forgetting the ubiquitous yellow cabs) therefore finding your way around is very straightforward.

And of course there are then the remarkable landscapes of Iceland which combine with our New York trips. Our ability to link these two destinations within a single trip provides you with a unique study of two contrasting geographical landscapes.

Our team of Travel Specialists have extensive first-hand knowledge of our destinations and are passionate about travel.

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