New Zealand

This South Pacific island nation is often described as a world in itself. Its two main islands span over 1000 miles and take in all climates from the sub-tropical north to the sub-Antarctic south and offer huge diversity of landscapes and natural wonders.

New Zealand is a geographers’ paradise where your students can explore a host of subject areas as well as enjoy an array of exciting activities.

Why Choose DTW for your New Zealand trip?

Our itineraries cover a wide range of Geography topics such as cold environments, plate tectonics, energy issues, natural hazard management, biodiversity threats, and river and coastal environments. In addition we can include some fantastic activities including mountain biking, glacier hiking, sky diving, bungy jumping, jet boating ride and Maori cultural evenings.

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The landscape has been formed by centuries of volcanic activity and continuous movement along fault lines. At North Island, the Pacific plate is continuing to slide underneath the Indo-Australian plate whereas in the South Island, the plates are effectively pushing together to form the Southern Alps.

Amongst the ever-changing landscape of Aotearoa, the ‘land of the long white cloud’ you will find lofty snow-capped mountains, miles of unspoiled coastline, rocky headlands, picturesque lakes, fast flowing rivers, rolling farmlands, steaming geothermal fields and lunar-like volcanic deserts.

When the Maori first set eyes on the islands, about 1000 years ago, they called them Aotearoa – ‘the land of the long white cloud’. Maori culture and legends are still revered and visitors can join in traditional events, listen to song and dance and learn about the history through innovative attractions such as Te Papa, the national museum. The arrival in the nineteenth century of European whalers, gold miners, farmers and fortune seekers led to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840, between the British and the Maori chiefs, and a modern multi-racial nation was founded.

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